Who use oracle business intelligence 12c

What is Oracle Business Intelligence used for?

What is Oracle Business Intelligence used for?

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) is a portfolio of technology and applications that delivers the industry’s first integrated and complete Enterprise Performance Management System, including BI foundation and tools – integrated suite of queries, reporting, analytics, alerts, mobile analytics, integration of data and. To see also : Do recruitment agencies take a cut of your salary?

Is Obiee is a reporting tool?

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool from Oracle Corporation. This may interest you : What is a business intelligence specialist. Its proven architecture and common infrastructure, producing and delivering enterprise reports, scorecards, dashboards, ad-hoc analytics and OLAP analytics provide a rich end-user experience.

Is Obiee dead?

OBIEE is as dead as relational databases in that they weren’t offering anything remotely close to the NoSQL databases that completely replaced them. See the article : How much does it cost to post on indeed.

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What is the latest version of OBIA?

What is the latest version of OBIA?

The latest version of OBIA – 11.1. 1.10.

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When was Obiee released?

When was Obiee released?

Oracle released OBIEE 11.1. 1.9. Version 0 on May 14th. This should be considered the last minor version before the release of OBIEE 12c this fall.

What is the difference between tableau and Obiee?

OBIEE is strong in data source connectivity and data management aspects, while Tableau is strong in data visualization and self-service capabilities. Therefore, Tableau and OBIEE form a strong pair, complementing each other’s limitations with the strength of the other.

What is Obiee dashboard?

The OBIEE dashboard is a tool that allows end users to perform ad-hoc reporting and analysis according to the business requirements model. Interactive dashboards are pixel-perfect reports that can be viewed or printed directly by end users. The OBIEE dashboard is part of the Oracle BI Presentation layer services.

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What Analytics does OBIA offer?

What are Oracle BI (OBIA) applications? Pre-packaged solution for enterprise analytics comprised of a conformed data warehouse, ETL transformation logic and dashboard and reporting content.

What is OBIA and Obiee?

3) Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) – are complete and pre-built BI solutions. – built on Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) – consists of applications such as Oracle Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, Marketing Analytics, etc.


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