How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

yes indeed in a sentence

  • A . …
  • :: Yes indeed, it is a very deep question.
  • She admitted that, yes indeed, they admired Roosevelt.
  • GOVERNMENT: Yes indeed, let’s be nice.
  • Yes indeed, everyone is a flame.
  • Yes indeed, these people annoy me more than the guns.
  • I said: “Yes indeed, by my father and my mother!

If “indeed” is used as an interjection in the sentence in order to underline a particular type of remark, then you should definitely use “comma”. so as to compensate for the effect of the interjection. Introductory use of the word “indeed” (as in your third sentence), requires & quot; comma & quot; for the same purposes.

Where do you put indeed in a sentence?

Where do you put indeed in a sentence?

You use it at the end of a clause to give extra strength to the word “very”, or to underline a particular word. The engine started to ring very loud indeed. The wine was really very good.

Can I say true indeed?

Indeed comes from the expression in dede meaning “in fact, in truth”. When you use the word indeed, you are emphasizing that something is true. The word is also used when you want to introduce a point that is even truer than the last one you raised.

Is indeed a formal word?

You can use this meaning without too much but it is much more formal or literary: Rare indeed is the book which captivates adults as well as children. “Was he very angry? Indeed, he was.

What does it mean when someone says indeed?

What does it mean when someone says indeed?

1: without any question: really, undeniably – often used by interjection to express irony, disbelief or surprise. 2: in reality.

Why do British people say indeed?

The Welsh are notorious for saying “Indeed for the good!” Which basically means an expression of surprise.

Does indeed mean agree?

Indeed is defined as a word used to emphasize the truth of something or to agree that something is true. An example of this is indeed an affirmative comment that you would use when a party was very good.

What should I reply to indeed?

Thank you for contacting this opportunity. I am grateful to be considered. I am currently looking for a new position, so now is the right time. While I am excited about the work of [Name of Potential Employer], I am not looking for a job as [Job Title they contacted you for].

Can we use indeed instead of yes?

Can we use indeed instead of yes?

: certainly – used as a more emphatic affirmative answer than “yes” alone “Do you know him? ” “Yes indeed!”

What is the meaning of thanks indeed?

Indeed in this case would mean, truthfully or truly, expressing complete sincerity in their thanks. Add the word “indeed” is a way to demonstrate that thanks are sincerely felt rather than in a standard form.

What indeed is life means in Hindi?

Life is basically defined as the existence of a human being or an animal. Everyone has life as they are alive. We should cherish our life dearly. When it’s over we die, so it’s important to put it to good use now and not to waste it.


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