What is the meaning of ragged hierarchy in business intelligence

What is ragged hierarchy in data warehouse?

What is ragged hierarchy in data warehouse?

An irregular hierarchy is a user-defined hierarchy that has an odd number of levels. … An irregular hierarchy is different in that the logical parent of at least one member is not at the level immediately above the member. When this happens, the hierarchy descends to different levels for different search paths.

What is true about hierarchy in data warehouse?

In data warehouse systems, hierarchies play a key role in information processing and monitoring. These hierarchies dynamically analyze large volumes of historical data in data warehouses at various levels of granularity using OLAP operations such as roll-up and drill-down.

What is a ragged hierarchy?

What is a ragged hierarchy?

In irregular hierarchies, the parent member of at least one member of a dimension is not at the level immediately above the member. … An irregular hierarchy can represent a geographic hierarchy in which the meaning of each level, such as city or country, is used consistently, but the depth of the hierarchy varies.

What is natural hierarchy?

The natural hierarchy is the human hierarchy determined by instinct. It is based on the degree of desirability of the features. These characteristics include appearance, intelligence, emotional makeup, and capabilities. … The desirable levels of attributes on which the natural hierarchy is based are largely unalterable.

What are dimension hierarchies give three examples?

Hierarchy. Some dimensions can have multiple levels forming a hierarchy. For example, dates have year, month, day; geography has country, region, city; product can have category, subcategory and product.

How do you handle ragged hierarchy?

How do you handle ragged hierarchy?

One way to deal with the jagged hierarchy is to flatten the hierarchy just as we did with the simple dimensional hierarchy and copy the data from the grandparent level to the parent level. This copying of this “pseudo data” into the columns where the hierarchy is skipped is done to balance any skipped hierarchy level.

What is ragged hierarchy give the suitable example?

What is ragged hierarchy give the suitable example?

An Irregular Hierarchy provides a hierarchy structure in which a member exists at what is normally assumed to be a parent member level. For example, consider a seller hierarchy that has two top-level aggregates, foreign and domestic.

What is balanced hierarchy?

A balanced hierarchy is one in which all branches of the dimension have the same number of levels. In other words, the branches have a consistent depth. The logical parent of a level is directly above it.

What does ragged mean?

1: almost careless. 2: having an irregular edge or outline. 3rd: torn or tattered. b: exhausted from stress and tension, she became mistreated.

What is ragged and skipped hierarchies?

Ignored Hierarchies The number of levels between a parent node and a child node in a branch is more than one. In other words, some levels are ignored between the parent node and the child node. Example: Account liability summary is at level 2, account 21000 is at level 5, and levels 3 and 4 are ignored.


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