What is microstrategy business intelligence

What is MicroStrategy software used for?

What is MicroStrategy software used for?

MicroStrategy is a Business Intelligence software that offers a wide range of data analysis functions. To see also : Indeed cost to post job. As a set of applications, it offers Data Discovery, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, Embedded BI, and Band Reports and Statements.

Who are MicroStrategy competitors?

MicroStrategy competitors The main competitors of MicroStrategy include QlikTech Germany, Qlik, Alteryx, Tableau Software, ThoughtSpot, Sisense, Oracle and Splunk. Read also : What is server intelligence agent in business objects.

Is MicroStrategy easy to learn?

So here are some of the strengths of MicroStrategy: it offers advanced and predictive analytics features. It is deployed in the cloud, saving you infrastructure costs. On the same subject : Do you have to pay for indeed?. It is very easy to use and maintain.

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What is MicroStrategy product?

What is MicroStrategy product?

MicroStrategy is a provider of enterprise intelligence (BI) application software. The MicroStrategy platform supports interactive whiteboards, dashboards, large format reports, ad hoc queries, thresholds and alerts, and automatic report distribution.

How much data can MicroStrategy handle?

The default value is 256 megabytes. Maximum memory usage for formatted documents (MB) Set the maximum RAM consumption (MB) for the document cache for the client. The maximum value is 1,048,576 and the minimum value is 0. A value of -1 indicates that there is no limit.

Is MicroStrategy cloud based?

MicroStrategy Cloud offers enterprise intelligence as a service and provides the full functionality of Analytics Enterprise, including sophisticated analytics, mobile analytics, and analytics, through the cloud.

How much does MicroStrategy cost?

MicroStrategy Analytics Pricing Overview MicroStrategy Analytics pricing starts at $ 600.00 per user, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version. MicroStrategy Analytics offers a free trial.

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How does MicroStrategy work?

How does MicroStrategy work?

Understand how MicroStrategy works and stores data All dossiers have specific business objects placed. These objects determine how your data is imported from the data source, how the data is calculated, and how the results appear when each dossier is run.

Is MicroStrategy Desktop free?

MicroStrategy Workstation provides everything you need to access, view, and analyze your data for free. There are no license keys.

What’s new in MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy 2021 introduces new features that provide better performance and scalability to improve the overall user experience. In addition, this version introduces new features to analytics, mobility and security platforms, making it easier for users to create applications faster.

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Is MicroStrategy a good product?

Is MicroStrategy a good product?

Microstrategy is a scalable data tool at the best price. With Microstrategy, users can understand all the graphs without going through a long process to understand … It is a good general tool for reporting but of average performance. There are many areas for improvement in the development of these reports.

Is MicroStrategy a good place to work?

MicroStrategy Employee Reviews. Great teams and opportunities for professional and personal advancement. It was a rewarding and prosperous experience. … Opportunities to work with “cutting-edge” technologies and innovation.


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