What does it mean when someone says indeed?

What should be the reply of indeed?

What should be the reply of indeed?

Indeed! You can also say â € œI believe you do / donâ € TMtâ € or â € œitâ € TMs trueâ € or even just use â € œfor sure! Â €

How do I reply when someone say my pleasure?

Typically, someone says “it’s my joy” after the person they’re talking to says “thank you”. Another way to say “welcome.” Therefore, after this exchange, there should be no further response.

What is the reply of pleasure is all mine?

You can respond by saying & quot; Nice to meet you too & quot; or Great to meet you as well or & quot; Glad I met you too & quot ;. Just smile and say & quot; Nice to meet you too & quot ;, & quot; The fun is all mine & quot; to show your gratitude. All of these responses were very good. You can simply respond to compliments with & quot; welcome to meet you as well. & Quot;

What does indeed beautiful meaning?

4 expressions of doubt, surprise, ect.

What does it mean when someone responds with indeed?

What does it mean when someone responds with indeed?

25. 5. It is defined as a word used to emphasize the truth of a thing or agree that one is true. An example of this is a comment that confirms what you use when the party is very good. An example that really is the answer you give when someone asks you about the facts.

Can indeed be used at the beginning of a sentence?

& quot; True & quot; can start a sentence as a connecting word or an interjection. … In official writing, its use as a conjunction, means the same as & quot; for example & quot; perfectly acceptable.

How do you use the word indeed?

How do you use the word indeed?

You use absolute to confirm or agree with what has just been said. Then, he claimed that his payment had been paid. “Do you know him?” Â € ”“ It’s me right. “You use truth to introduce further comments or statements that reinforce the points that you have distinguished.

Is indeed grammatically correct?

used to say that something is true: & quot; Why is this your dog? & quot; & quot; It is true. & quot; / & quot; Yes it is. & quot; True, I did say that.

What kind of word is indeed?

as an adjective (following ‘very’ with an adjective or other adjective): The result is very good. as a way of indicating how a sentence or phrase relates to what has been said: It would be difficult.

Is it rude to say indeed?

Is it rude to say indeed?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when someone relies “indeed” on my questions? No, it’s not smugness, it’s just a funny way to say “yes, a lot.” It’s hard to describe the humor behind it, but it has to do with Americans using British in an American context.

Can I say true indeed?

Indeed it comes from the phrase in dede meaning & quot; in fact, in fact. & Quot; When you use the word indeed, you indicate that something is true. This word also works when you want to introduce a point that is more accurate than the last one you made.

Can I say yes indeed?

: certainly —used as a more compelling answer than & quot; enya & quot; alone & quot; Do you know him? & quot; & quot; Absolutely, absolutely! & quot;


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