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Is Iimjobs only for IIM?

Although the name may suggest that it is a purely platform for IIM graduates, but over a period of time, we have grown beyond this name, and now we see a large number of mid-level and senior candidates registering and applying through of the site.

What kind of job can I get after IIM?

There are many more jobs that pay a lot after the MBA than IIM. Management consulting is another job that pays a lot after the MBA from IIM. There are many consulting firms such as the Boston consulting group, Bain, McKinsey, Ernst and Young, KPMG, PriceWaterCoopers, and many more.

How do I post a job on Iimjobs?

How do I post a job on Iimjobs?

Go to My Jobs Page, above your profile window, you will find the social links as follows:

  • Once you click on these links, a new pop-up window will appear, selecting “Connect to LinkedIn”. …
  • So, you can now share your jobs on LinkedIn or Twitter by clicking on the “Post on LinkedIn” option on the My Jobs Page, as shown below:

What is Updazz?

The Pro partnership plan updazz.com is a paid service offered to candidates as a means to improve their job search. Gives access to candidates.

How good is Iimjobs?

At iimjobs.com, we get the highest quality applications against every job. The math is simple. Against an average of 300 applications, only 10 are selected leaving 290 applicants or 96.7% of the board disappointed. Yes, the economy may be weak but boy, the labor market in India is competitive!

Is Iimjobs paid?

Is Iimjobs paid?

No and we make no such request. Buying a Pro Membership plan does not mean we will find jobs or follow recruiters on your behalf.

What is status change in Iimjobs?

Basically, we built certain recruitment tools that help them keep track of all the applications they received. … As soon as the recruitment performs any of these actions, your application status will be updated to reflect the current one.

How do I cancel my Iimjob subscription?

Cancellation: If you have upgraded to the Pro Plan by mistake, please email us at hello@iimjobs.com within one day of the upgrade. We will cancel the partnership in your favor and refund the amount.

Has anyone got a job through Iimjobs?

(Experience -1) I got clear rejections only from applications posted at iimjobs.com and one clear rejection from LinkedIn Jobs. … I paid INR 999 for a subscription to be & quot; Pro-Member & quot; for 6 months to iimjobs (naukri.com charges INR 2,600 for a similar privilege).

Is Updazz and Iimjobs same?

Is Updazz and Iimjobs same?

Highorbit’s ownership brings all of its sites – Hirist.com to IT jobs; Engineeristic.com, engineering; Updazz.com, sales, and Biojoby.com, medical – under the umbrella of Naukri. However, they will retain their brand identities, Info Edge said. Announce the acquisition in a corporate presentation.

How good is Naukri premium services?

Service paid for by Naukri is a waste of money. Before paying the money they will give a lot of false promises but after paying the money you will not have just one phone call from them .. They suggest that the job is totally a waste, you will not get one phone call from the company .. Without paying money Monster and indeed much better than paid naukri ..


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