How do I edit reports in Obiee?

How do I start editing a report on the Criteria tab instead of the Results tab? By default, when you click Edit Report, the OBIEE Reply window opens on the Results tab. This triggers the report execution of queries, and most of the time you will still go to the Criteria tab.

How do I edit a OTBI report in Oracle Fusion?

Customizing OTBI Enterprise Reports and Dashboards

  • Overview.
  • Create a new analysis.
  • Add a filter to the analysis.
  • See the results.
  • Edit the composite layout to include a graph view.
  • Edit the title of the composite layout and remove the table overview.
  • Save the analysis.
  • Add a new page to a pre-built dashboard.

How do I create a view in Obiee RPD?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

  • Click on ‘ORCLRAKE’. …
  • Right click on the SH form – & gt; Select New Physical Table.
  • Created physical table – Channel_View. …
  • Created Channel_Class column. …
  • Save RPD. …
  • Right-click on Channel_view. …
  • Right-click on the table ‘Implement display (s)’ is activated.

How do I edit a report in Oracle?

How do I edit a report in Oracle?

  • Select data source.
  • Select Guide or Create.
  • Select columns.
  • Select View Report or Customize Layout.

What are reports how can we change the format of report object?

Use the page size and page layout groups on the Page Setup tab to change the size, direction, margins, etc.

  • Click the Page Setup tab.
  • In the Page Size group, click Size to select a different paper size.
  • Click Margins in the Page Size group to make adjustments to the report margins.

How do I create a repeating frame in Oracle?

For each record of the outer repeating frame, Oracle Reports Builder will format all related records for the attached repeating frame. You can also create a repeating frame manually in the paper layout view. See section 1.6. 3, & quot; About the paper layout view & quot ;.

How do you edit a report?

Click the folder name that contains the report you want to change, and then click the report name. Open Report Editor by clicking the Pencil / Edit icon. To edit the report, you must make your changes to the fields, filters, and summaries that you would like to change, just as you would when creating a new report.

How do I create a new report in Obiee?

How do I create a new report in Obiee?

How do I publish a report in Obiee 12c?

Navigate to My Folder and click Create New Report. Enter from BI Server as the name of the report and click Create. The newly created report is displayed on the page. Click the Edit link that appears below the report name to edit the properties.

What is Obiee tool?

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool from Oracle Corporation. Its proven architecture and shared infrastructure that produces and delivers enterprise reports, scorecards, dashboards, ad hoc analytics and OLAP analytics provides a rich end-user experience.

How do I create a dashboard in Obiee?

To create a new Dashboard, go to New → Dashboard, or you can also click on the Dashboard option under Create on the left side. When you click on Dashboard, a new dashboard dialog box opens. Enter the name of the Dashboard and description and select the location where the Dashboard is to be saved → click OK.

How do I create an analysis report in Oracle Fusion?

How do I create an analysis report in Oracle Fusion?

Click Create Analysis, and then click the topic area for which you want to create the report. Configure the report: On the Criteria tab, drag and drop columns from the Subject area pane to the Selected columns pane to add columns to the report and configure default sorting and filters.

What are OTBI reports?

OTBI is a set of predictable yet customized analytics structures that OracleApplications users can access to create ad hoc reports, dashboards, and alerts to help with day-to-day decision-making. OBIEE features for storing reports, sending alerts, and the ability to enable certain business process actions within Oracle Applications.

What is the purpose of using OTBI for reporting?

Oracle Fusion Transaction Business Intelligence (OTBI) is a real-time self-service reporting solution offered to all Oracle Fusion application users with valid roles to create ad hoc analytics and analytics that help them make their decisions on a daily basis.


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