How to change business intelligence logo in obiee 12c

What is the difference between Obiee 11g and 12c?

What is the difference between Obiee 11g and 12c?

1. Repository files are uploaded via the UI to EM (Enterprise Manager URL). RPD files are loaded using the weblogic scripting uploadrpd command to upload the repository file to the Oracle BI server. …

How do I upload repository to Obiee 12c?

To load the RPD we use the same command but with slightly different parameters:

  • uploadrpd the instruction to load the RPD.
  • -I name rpdfil name you want to give to the RPD file you are uploading.
  • -SI the instance of the OBIEE service, for example ssi.
  • -U username of the weblogic administrator.

What’s new in Obiee 12c?

Data combining is a new concept in OBIEE 12c that allows you to combine your own data with corporate data. … You can create an analysis that includes only data from an external source, or you can combine dimensions and measurements from the external data source with dimensions and measurements defined in the BI metadata catalog.

How can I customize my Obiee 12c login page?

How can I customize my Obiee 12c login page?

Customizing the OBIEE 12c Lightweight Login Logo

  • Alternative solution:
  • /analytics/res/v-0gVQmmIfY4w/s_Alta/master/oracle_logo.png.
  • Modify the file âloginhelper.css â under the location / u01 / app / oracle / middleware / user_projects / domains / bi / servers / bi_server1 / tmp / _WL_user / bi-security-login / 7iuedy / war / css as below.

How do I set the default dashboard in Obiee 12c?

How do I set the default dashboard in Obiee 12c?

Default panel settings in OBIEE

  • There are basically some approximations.
  • 1) Go to Settings -> My Account and set the default control panel.
  • 2) The other method is used when you need to set the default control panel for all users. …
  • b) Go to “Manage Presentation Catalog” and go to the panel you want to set as default.

How do I restart Obiee 12c?

How do I restart Obiee 12c?

Go to the following directory:

  • / obiee / Oracle / Middleware / Oracle_Home / user_projects / domains / biee / bitools / bin.
  • To stop all services.
  • To know the status of all services:
  • To start all BI services.
  • Syntax:

How do I stop Obiee?

Aturant OBIEE

  • Log in to the WebLogic server administration console using the WebLogic administrator username.
  • In the Domain Structure panel on the left, expand Environment.
  • Under Environment, select Servers.
  • In the Server Summary panel, select the Control tab.
  • Click the checkbox next to bi_server1 and click the Shut Down button.

How do I start Node Manager in WebLogic 12c?

Use Node Manager to start a managed server

  • In the left panel of the WebLogic server administration console, select Environment & gt; Machines.
  • In the Machines table, select the name of your machine.
  • Select Monitoring & gt; Node manager status.
  • If the node manager is running, the status will be accessible.

How do I start Opmn services in Obiee 12c?

Select the Control option from the menu and select Start to start the managed servers. (Optional) Perform an OPMN stop for system components and then a start. For information, see section 4.5. 1, & quot; Use the OPMN command line to start, stop, restart, and view the status of system components. & Quot;


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