How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

What does it mean when someone says indeed?

What does it mean when someone says indeed?

1: without any question: indeed, without a doubt â € ”it was often used in a critical way to indicate disobedience or disbelief or surprise. On the same subject : Which country has most job opportunities?. 2: in fact.

What does No indeed mean?

little or no chance of what might happen. Read also : A multilevel business intelligence setup within an organization.

What kind of word is indeed?

such as a verb (according to ‘very’ and an adjective or other proverb): The results were very good. To see also : Job growth in us. as a way of showing how a sentence or phrase relates to something else: It can be difficult.

What is indeed used for?

It is truly a free service for job seekers, where you can send information, create job alerts, search for jobs, save them and use them directly.

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Is it correct to say yes indeed?

Is it correct to say yes indeed?

: certainly â has been used as a more convincing answer than “yes” alone “Do you know him?” “Must be!”

Can absolutely mean yes?

Absolutely means full and complete. Joan is absolutely right. I flatly refuse to marry. Some people say it is a stressful way to believe or agree with someone.

What is the best reply of indeed?

Really! “You can also say” I believe you did / did “or” yes “or just use” of course! “

Why do we say indeed?
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How can I use indeed in a sentence?

How can I use indeed in a sentence?

Truly Examples of Judgment

  • The life of a sailor is indeed a difficult life.
  • Really, why should anyone feel sorry for him?
  • The baby was really tired.
  • She said Katie was very nice, but sadly she needs proper discipline.
  • In fact, he was upset because I couldn’t find his name in the book.

Do you put comma after indeed?

Comas — sometimes combined with semicolons — are commonly used to produce proverbs such as, however, therefore. When proverbs are important for the purpose of a sentence, or if there is no punctuation intended or desirable, punctuation is not necessary.

Do we put comma after indeed?

If & quot; really & quot; is used as an adverb in a sentence to emphasize a particular type of sentence, so you should use & quot; comma & quot; in order to eliminate the effect of acceptance. Use of the prefix & quot; really & quot; (like your third statement), requires & quot; comma & quot; for the same purposes.

Is indeed a formal word?

You can use this concept without much but written style or literature: It is truly a book that appeals to adults and children alike. Was he very angry? ” He certainly was.

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How do you use Yes indeed?

How do you use Yes indeed?

yes, of course (y) unplanned The emphatic way to say “yes.” K: “Are you going to a party tonight?” B: “That’s right, maybe. Maybe we’ll go there at 9 or more.” Yes, really, I really believe this is the best pizza in New York City!

What do you reply to affirmative?

If you answer a question with a yes, you say “yes” or make a gesture that means “yes”. He asked me if I was ready. I answered in the affirmative.

What is the meaning of affirmative form?

Believing is different from being bad or resisting. Touching the back confirms that this is the case and by signing you need to complete the form. Also, you can use behavior as a formal way to say something. This is common in the military.

What does Why yes mean?

It means something like & quot; down. & Quot; You can also say & quot; why really & quot ;. I think that’s something a host can say to a guest asking a question.


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