How do I use indeed in English?

How do you use indeed in a sentence?

How do you use indeed in a sentence?

Real Example List

  • The life of a sailor is truly a hard life. Read also : Salaries software engineer.
  • Yes, why should anyone love him?
  • The boy was very tired.
  • She says Katie is very sweet, but unfortunately she needs some proper instruction.
  • Of course, he was very upset because I could not find his name in the book.

Can I say yes indeed?

: sure — use as a more reliable answer than & quot; yes & quot; only & quot; Do you know him? & quot; & quot; Yes, yes! & quot; To see also : Where do i fit into business intelligence.

Is indeed a formal word?

You can use this attribute without anything, but it’s more formal or written: The book rarely attracts both adults and children as well. This may interest you : Job growth in the us. ‘Was he very angry? ” Yes ​​he is.

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Is indeed grammatically correct?

Is indeed grammatically correct?

used to describe that something is right: “Is this your dog?” “It really is.” / “Yes it is.” Yes, I said yes.

Is Indeed safe?

Storing your personal information on Yes is as safe as many other reputable services or businesses that have your own personal information. That said, it’s smart to keep in mind that breaches are common, and a few ‘web sites’ are very secure.

How do I use Indeed for free?

1. Sign Up Sign up for a Fee Information to Register Jobs on Real. To post a job on Yes, all you need to do is create a free store account using your email company, fill out your job application form, and then submit. It actually allows companies to post open rental listings for free without a credit card required.

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Can we start a sentence with indeed?

Can we start a sentence with indeed?

“True” can initiate a harassment of either the relationship or the interference. As a link, it actually provides emphasis or implication that the sentence is an example of, or evidence for, a claim made in the past sentence. As a statement, it expresses surprise or hesitation.

Can you start an essay with indeed?

If & quot; yes & quot; the correct word to use, does not matter at the beginning of the sentence, as other members try to assure you. The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s dictionary is & quot; yes & quot; at the beginning of his first experimental design ii.

What type of word is indeed?

as a pronoun (following ‘enough’ with a pronoun or another expression): The results were very good. a way to show how a sentence or phrase relates to what has already been said: It is difficult.

Can we use indeed in academic writing?

Yes. It’s actually one of those archaic teaching phrases that most English speakers don’t use — unless they own a monocle, speak Victorian English visually, and rely on the spectator bag. The depth of spread of this word in some educational literature is astonishing.

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How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

indeed in a sentence

  • A. …
  • :: Yes — this is a very deep question.
  • He allowed that, of course, they liked Roosevelt very much.
  • GOVERNMENT: Of course, we are kind.
  • Of course, the whole world is on fire.
  • Of course, those people unnerveled me rather than make the shot.
  • I said, “Yes, my father and mother!

Do you put a comma before indeed?

Commas – sometimes doubled in semicolons – are often used to place terms such as, however, and fact. If the term is important in the sense of the term, when no stop is expected or required, a comma is not required.

Do we put comma after indeed?

If & quot; yes & quot; is used as a distraction in the sentence in order to emphasize a certain type of phrase, then you have to use the word & quot; comma & quot; in order to balance the end of the statement. Initial use of the word & quot; yes & quot; (like your three sentences), need & quot; comma & quot; for the same reasons.

What does it mean when someone says indeed?

1: without question: true, undeniable -most often combined to show disappointment or disbelief or shock. 2: in fact. 3: all imaginable: a matter of fact.


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