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Careerplug pricing


What job boards does CareerPlug post to?

CareerPlug lets you post your posts seamlessly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If a potential applicant already follows you or your company on social media, there is a good chance that they will have invested heavily from the beginning and will be a strong candidate.

How does career plug work?

CareerPlug is an all-in-one application tracking (ATS) system that takes you from sourcing talent to new hire. It also provides you with brief evaluations and interactive calculators to help clients understand how well their current efforts are scaling and identify their company’s hiring needs.

What is CareerPlug?

What is CareerPlug?

What is CareerPlug? CareerPlug provides a recruitment and HR software solution that includes applicant tracking and paperless boarding. With the tools to attract and evaluate candidates, hiring managers are able to make their process more consistent to ultimately make better hiring decisions.

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