Can I start a sentence with indeed?

When should you start a sentence with indeed?

When should you start a sentence with indeed?

“Actually” can start a sentence as a conjunction or an exclamation point. As a conjunction, it actually provides an underlining or indicates that the sentence is an example or evidence of a statement made in the previous sentence. As an exclamation point, it actually indicates surprise or sarcastic doubt.

What is indeed company?

Indeed is the # 1 site in the world1 with over 250 million unique visitors2 every month. Indeed is committed to putting jobseekers first by giving them free access to job search, resume posting, and research firms. Every day we connect millions of people with new opportunities.

Can we use indeed in academic writing?

Indeed. Indeed, it is one of those archaic academic phrases that most native English speakers never use – unless they have a monocle, speak with a Victorian English accent, and rely on a pocket watch. It’s amazing how ubiquitous this word is in some academic writings.

Can you say indeed in an essay?

“Indeed” should not be used in professional journals, if possible. “In fact” is generally better, but you can skip it if you are unsure.

Can we use indeed instead of yes?

Can we use indeed instead of yes?

: Certainly – used as a more emphatic yes answer than just “Do you know him?” “Indeed!”

What indeed is life means in Hindi?

Life is essentially defined as the existence of an individual human or animal. Everyone has life as they live. We should treasure our life very much. When it’s over, we die, so it’s important to put it to good use and not waste it.

How do you use yes indeed in a sentence?

yes indeed in the sentence

  • A. …
  • :: Yes, that’s a very deep question.
  • She allowed it, indeed, they admired Roosevelt.
  • GOVERNMENT Yes, indeed, let’s be nice.
  • Yes, indeed, the whole world is a flame.
  • Yes, indeed, these people annoy me more than guns.
  • I said: & quot; Yes, indeed, by my father and mother!

What is the meaning of thanks indeed?

Indeed, in this case it would mean, in truth or really, to express complete sincerity in their thanks. Adding the word “genuinely” is a way to show that thanks are sincerely felt, not just a standard form.

Is there a comma after indeed at the beginning of a sentence?

Is there a comma after indeed at the beginning of a sentence?

If “really” is being used as an insertion in a sentence to emphasize some particular type of remark, then you should definitely use “comma” to remove the effect of an insertion. Introducing the word “really” (as in the third sentence) requires “comma” for the same purposes.

Is there a comma after absolutely?

Using a comma after an inclusion Commas can be used to compensate for inclusions (eg “yes”, “really”, “absolutely”). Shouts are placed in a sentence (usually at the beginning) to express feelings such as surprise, disgust, joy, excitement, or enthusiasm. For example: Yes, I won.

Do I use a comma after no?

“Yes” and “no” are always followed by a comma at the beginning of a sentence.

Should you put a comma after Yes?

When the words follow the yes and don’t echo the question words, use a comma.

How do you use indeed in a sentence?

How do you use indeed in a sentence?

Indeed, Examples of Sentences

  • A seaman’s life is a hard life indeed.
  • Indeed, why would anyone feel sorry for her?
  • The baby was very tired indeed.
  • She said that Katie is actually very sweet, but unfortunately needs proper instructions.
  • She was indeed very dissatisfied because I couldn’t find her name in the book.

What do you say after indeed?

Indeed! “You can also say” I sure did “or” It’s true “or even just use” definitely! “

Is indeed a formal word?

You can use this meaning without much, but it is much more formal or literary: Indeed, there is rarely a book that captivates both adults and children. – Was he very angry? – Indeed he was.


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