Another word for job market

What is another name for market?

What is another name for market?

in other words for the market This may interest you : Does indeed com charge for job postings.

  • to advertise.
  • display.
  • retail.
  • exchange.
  • exchange.
  • goods.
  • vend.
  • wholesale.

How do you say market in other languages?

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  • American English: market / ˈmɑrkɪt /
  • Arabic: سُوقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: mercado.
  • Chinese: 市场
  • Croatian: tržnica.
  • Czech: trh.
  • Danish: marked.
  • Dutch: markt.

What is another word for a store or market?

bazaar market
shop shop
shopping center socket
supermarket hypermarket
showroom Department store

What’s another word for flea market?

sale tags sale of ditches
the fair is marche aux puces
street market swap encounter
white elephant sale mobile sales
resale bazaar
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What is a fancy word for job?

What is a fancy word for job?

Synonyms for ‘job’

What are 3 synonyms for career?

  • work,
  • to employ,
  • employment,
  • occupation,
  • profession.

Is Job another name for career?

Synonym for “occupation” We often use the word “career” as a synonym for occupation, craft, occupation, or vocation. This definition refers to what a person does to earn a living.

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What job market means?

What job market means?

The job market is a market where employers are looking for employees and employees are looking for work. … The labor market can grow or shrink, depending on the demand for labor and the available supply of workers in the overall economy.

What’s the hidden job market?

The “hidden labor market” is usually used for calls that for one reason or another are not publicly listed on bulletin boards or elsewhere. The only way to access them is through networking or through recruitment or a bounty hunter to contact you.

How is the job market in 2020?

The good news is that key labor market measures are more than halfway back to pre-pandemic levels. Employment fell by 14.5% in March and April compared to February. … Employment in the oldest years fell in April 2020 to 69.7%, far below the lowest level of the Great Recession of 74.8%.

Why is the job market important?

Why is the labor market important? Wage levels and wages determined by the labor market are important indicators for analysts and economic policy makers. More importantly, the labor market nurtures economic productivity by creating jobs and the money cycle through the economy through wages and salaries.

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